EVENT: biology 18

15-16 February 2018, Neuchâtel, Switzerland


EVENT: Plant Biology Europe 2018

18–21 June 2018, Copenhagen Denmark


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Biocommunication & ecology

Biocommunication & Ecology

Chemistry plays a key role in mediating diverse ecological interactions among species, with important implications ...

Cereal biotechnology research for crop improvement

Plant Biotechnology

Cereals, such as rice and wheat, are important source of food worldwide but they contain very low levels of bioavailable...

Ecosystem and vegetation responses to climatic change, disturbance and land use

Paleoecology and Vegetation Dynamics

We use a long-term perspective to address questions about the ecological and societal consequences of climatic change. O...

Evolutionary biology of plant pathogens

Plant Pathology

Research in the Plant Pathology group centers around population genetics and phylogeography of the fungal pathogens M...

Experimental fungal community assembly

Molecular Ecology of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

We aim at understanding the ecological and evolutionary determinants of biodiversity in natural arbuscular mycorrhizal f...

Molecular aspects of symbiosis and pathogenesis in plants

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

Plants interact with microbes (bacteria and fungi), in both friendly and hostile ways – this is the essence of plant s...

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Waldexperiment untersucht Auswirkungen des Klimawandels Die Universität Basel untersucht auf dem Gebiet der Baselbieter Gemeinde Hölstein, welche Folgen der Klimawandel für...


Le génome du chêne de Napoléon a gardé toute sa jeunesse Une étude menée par des chercheurs de l’Université de Lausanne (UNIL) révèle que le génome du chêne de Napoléon, vénérable...