EVENT: biology17

2–3 Feb 2017, University of Bern


EVENT: Plants for Health – PSC Symposium 2016

1 Dec 2016, Auditorium Maximum, ETH Zurich


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Biocommunication & ecology

Biocommunication & Ecology

Chemistry plays a key role in mediating diverse ecological interactions among species, with important implications ...

Genetic and epigenetic control of plant reproduction

Plant Developmental Genetics

Our research centers on the genetic and epigenetic control of plant reproduction. We are interested in both sexual repro...

Model organism proteomics and protein regulation

Plant Biotechnology

Protein level and protein activity are not solely determined by their respective mRNA levels, but regulation occurs also...

Plant pathology

Plant Pathology

Cesare Gessler has been active in plant pathology at ETH for 35 years. During 2003-2008 he also led a research centre in...

Plant-animal interactions and ecosystem function

Ecology of Plant Reproduction

The ecology of plant reproductive processes underlies the composition and dynamics of ecosystems and is essential for th...

The role of ABC and vacuole transporters in plants

Molecular Physiology

Using modern molecular, biochemical and electrophysiological approaches as well as classical physiology our laboratory a...

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On this portal you find information on plant science research and education at Swiss universities:


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Liegt der Forschungsplatz Schweiz in Europa? Podiumsdiskussion organisiert von den Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz. 26. Oktober 2016, 18.30 bis 20 UhrUniversität Bern,...

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