EVENT: biology17

2–3 Feb 2017, University of Bern


EVENT: 6th Global Botanic Gardens Congress

26–30 Jun 2017, Geneva


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Evolutionary genomics and ecology of macro- and microevolutionary transitions

Evolutionary Genomics

Our group is fascinated by the diversity and evolution of living organisms, populations and ecological systems. Our prim...

Genetic and epigenetic control of plant reproduction

Plant Developmental Genetics

Our research centers on the genetic and epigenetic control of plant reproduction. We are interested in both sexual repro...

Phyllosphere microbiome


Plants do not exist as sterile organisms but are populated by microorganisms both below (rhizosphere) and above the grou...

Plant adaptation and genetic connectivity in the face of climate change

Plant Population Biology

Plants are expected to react to climate change with adaptation, phenotypic plasticity, migration or extinction. Given th...

Understanding spatial accommodating responses during plant development

Plant Cell Biology

Osmotically-driven turgor pressure of plant cells can be higher than that of a car tire. It puts tremendous forces onto ...

Vitamin metabolism and its relations to environmental stress

Plant Biochemistry and Physiology

Our research focuses on plant metabolism, in particular the biochemistry and physiology behind vitamin biosynthesis and ...

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SPSW members among the Highly Cited Researchers Clarivate Analytics published the 2016 Web of Science based list of highly cited researchers. These SPSW group leaders are among...


Understanding Biodiversity Biodiversity is the topic of a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) by the Institute for Evolutionary Biology and Environmental...

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