EVENT: Plant Wax Conference 2015

16–20 June 2015, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


EVENT: International Fascination of Plants Day 2015

18 May 2015, Switzerland and globally


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Environmental science and policy

Reconciliation of Conservation and Development

Global human population will continue to grow over the next four decades. The ensuing demands for water, food and energy...

Improve nutrient-use efficiency in agro-ecosystems

Plant Nutrition

One of the challenges of this century is to sustainably meet the needs of the growing world population. Increased food p...

Plant cell and molecular biology

Plant Cell and Molecular Biology


Plant growth and phenotyping

Crop Science

More versatile and efficient crop production systems require an in-depth understanding of dynamic plant growth processes...

Plants and society

Environmental History

My research centers on the history of how humans perceive, alter or manage the natural world, and how the natural world ...

Tree carbon relations

Tree ecophysiology

Almost 90% of the global biomass is stored in trees. Knowing the reactions of trees and forests to the ongoing increase ...

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DivSeek Initiative DivSeek is a global intiative aiming at faciliatiing the linkages between genomics, phenomics and publicly available accessions....


PhytoSuisse – Die Pflanzengesellschaften der Schweiz online PhytoSuisse ist ein online Nachschlagewerk für alle in der Schweiz vorkommenden Pflanzengesellschaften. Das hier zur Verfügung...