EVENT: Resilience of Tropical Ecosystems - Future challenges and opportunities, gtö Conference

7-10 April 2015, Zürich


EVENT: International Fascination of Plants Day 2015

18 May 2015, Switzerland and globally


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Chloroplast biogenesis and light acclimation

Genetics of Photosynthesis

Chloroplasts are organelles of the plant cell that specialize in photosynthesis. In this process, light energy from the ...

Developmental cell biology of plants

Developmental Cell Biology of Plants

One of our main topics of interest is the study of endodermis as an invariant feature of vascular plants. It fulfils a c...

Microbial functions in soil nutrient dynamics

Plant Nutrition

A good understanding of biological cycling of phosphorus in terrestrial ecosystems is important in view of both decreasi...

Plant-plant interactions

Plant Community Ecology

Our research focuses on the mechanisms of plant interactions and on their consequences for biodiversity, with emphasis o...

Polyploidization and stress response in plants

Evolutionary Genomics

Polyploidization is a frequently observed phenomenon in plant species. It has played an important role as a driving forc...

The cereal genomes: hidden treasures for evolutionary genomics and agronomy

Plant Molecular Biology

We are studying the genomes of the grass species wheat, barley and rice to analyze genome evolution in cereals. Plant ge...

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ETH-News: A taxi ride to starch granules ETH-News reports that plant scientists at ETH have discovered a specific protein that significantly influences the formation of...