17 June - 16 July 2017, Switzerland


EVENT: 6th Global Botanic Gardens Congress

26–30 Jun 2017, Geneva


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Discovering how chloroplasts are made

Chloroplasts and Photosynthesis

The chloroplast is the site of photosynthesis in plants. Most of the chloroplast proteins must be imported from the cyto...

Molecular plant-microbe interactions

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

Our research centers on molecular aspects of the interaction between plants and the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora. Phyt...

Plant conservation genetics and applied molecular ecology

Conservation Genetics and Applied Molecular Ecology

Humans continue to modify landscapes at an alarming rate. Major consequences of this are the fragmentation of habitats i...

Plant metabolic pathways and phosphate homeostasis

Plant Molecular Biology-Metabolic Pathways

There are presently three main axes of research within our laboratory. 

1. Metabolic pathways in the peroxisom...

Plant signaling mechanisms

Cell Wall Signaling and Remodeling

Different from animals, plants present a dynamic cell wall system that plays a key role in coordinating growth and devel...

Understanding plant population, community, and invasion dynamics

Population and Community Ecology

Research in my group examines leading questions at the interface of plant population and community ecology. Though I am ...

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