EVENT: Swiss Life Science (LS2) meeting 2016

15–16 Sept 2016, Amphimax/Amphipôle Lausanne


EVENT: Biology'16

11–12 Feb 2016, Anthropole Building, University of Lausanne


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Biocommunication & ecology

Biocommunication & Ecology

Chemistry plays a key role in mediating diverse ecological interactions among species, with important implications ...

Experimental fungal community assembly

Molecular Ecology of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

We aim at understanding the ecological and evolutionary determinants of biodiversity in natural arbuscular mycorrhizal f...

Human-forest interface in subtropical and tropical regions – Forest management and development group (ForDev)

Biodiversity Conservation – Natural Resources Management

Forest fragmentation and degradation, pollution, the unsustainable use of natural resources and the spread of invasive s...

Macromolecular trafficking and intercellular communication in plants

Molecular and Cellular Plant-Virus Interactions

Intercellular communication in plants plays pivotal roles in the orchestration of development and defence responses and ...

Plant community ecology

Plant Community Ecology

My research is mainly focused on plant coexistence mechanisms. I am interested in the relative merits of neutral and nic...

Plants and society

Environmental History

My research centers on the history of how humans perceive, alter or manage the natural world, and how the natural world ...

Welcome to the Swiss Portal for Plant Sciences

On this portal you find information on plant science research and education at Swiss universities:


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Tagungsbericht «Neue Verfahren in der Pflanzenzüchtung – Nutzen und Herausforderungen» Das Forum Genforschung der SCNAT veröffentlicht den Tagungsbericht «Neue Verfahren in der Pflanzenzüchtung – Nutzen und...


Residenz für Studierende und Forschende in Paris Die Fondation suisse nimmt jährlich 60 Résidents aus der Schweiz in der Cité internationale universitaire de Paris auf....

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