EVENT: Eucarpia General Congress 2016

29 Aug – 1 Sept 2016, ETH Zurich, main campus


EVENT: Conrad Gessner 500 Jahre Schweizer Universalgelehrter

März–Dezember 2016, Zürich


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

Plant Community Ecology

The research interests of Andy Hector’s group focus on how biodiversity is maintained, how it is lost, and the consequ...

Evolutionary biology of plant pathogens

Plant Pathology

Research in the Plant Pathology group centers around population genetics and phylogeography of the fungal pathogens M...

How genomic changes promote adaptation and speciation in Arabidopsis relatives and in tropical trees

Evolutionary Functional Genomics / Systems Biology

Darwin proposed the first conclusive theory to explain biodiversity with two principles: adaptation by natural selection...

Perception of stress and the mechanisms of molecular chaperones

Heat-Shock Biology and the Mechanisms of Chaperone Actions

Our research is focused on molecular chaperones, proteins that assist the (un)folding of other proteins in the cell. Man...

Spatial ecology and remote sensing

Spatial Ecology and Remote Sensing

Solar radiation and its partitioning in vegetation canopies is an important factor influencing ecosystem processes such ...

Understanding plant speciation and diversification patterns

Biodiversity and Evolution

I am interested in understanding speciation and diversification patterns of plants, questioning the role of adaptation i...

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