EVENT: biology17

2–3 Feb 2017, University of Bern


EVENT: Plants for Health – PSC Symposium 2016

1 Dec 2016, Auditorium Maximum, ETH Zurich


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Evolutionary ecology of above-belowground plant-animal interaction

Mechanistic Community Ecology, Soil Ecology

Which biotic and abiotic factors drive variation in species interactions remains a central question in ecology. In our l...

Molecular plant-microbe interactions

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

Our research centers on molecular aspects of the interaction between plants and the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora. Phyt...

Plant growth and phenotyping

Crop Science

More versatile and efficient crop production systems require an in-depth understanding of dynamic plant growth processes...

Plant life in alpine habitats

Plant Population and Evolutionary Biology

Adaptation and phenotypic plasticity are both crucial for the long-term survival of plants in changing world. Our actual...

Plants and society

Environmental History

My research centers on the history of how humans perceive, alter or manage the natural world, and how the natural world ...

Regulatory factors controlling cell wall formation

Molecular Genetics of Plant Development

The shape of plant cells and ultimately the entire plant is defined by the cell wall surrounding each cell. Cell walls n...

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Liegt der Forschungsplatz Schweiz in Europa? Podiumsdiskussion organisiert von den Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz. 26. Oktober 2016, 18.30 bis 20 UhrUniversität Bern,...

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