EVENT: Global Change Day 2017

11 Apr 2017, Freies Gymnasium, Bern


EVENT: 6th Global Botanic Gardens Congress

26–30 Jun 2017, Geneva


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Biocommunication & ecology

Biocommunication & Ecology

Chemistry plays a key role in mediating diverse ecological interactions among species, with important implications ...

Developmental cell biology of plants

Developmental Cell Biology of Plants

One of our main topics of interest is the study of endodermis as an invariant feature of vascular plants. It fulfils a c...

Environmental sciences

Environmental Sciences

My research is at the interface between plant biology and ecotoxicogenomics. I explore plant’s response from genes thr...



Ethnobotanical studies involve the investigation of biocultural diversity and thus the interactions between plants and p...

Plant signaling mechanisms

Cell Wall Signaling and Remodeling

Different from animals, plants present a dynamic cell wall system that plays a key role in coordinating growth and devel...

The molecular basis of pollinator-mediated reproductive isolation and speciation

Evolutionary Biology

Divergent selection by the environment can result in the establishment of reproductive isolation and, thereafter, the di...

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Studentenprojekte für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung gesucht Das Programm «U Change» ermöglicht unabhängige Projektarbeiten für Studentinnen und Studenten an Schweizer Universitäten,...


A+ unterstützt die «March for Science» am 22. April Die Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz unterstützen den «March for Science» am 22. April. Mit allen Teilnehmenden weltweit...

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