EVENT: Plant Wax Conference 2015

16–20 June 2015, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


EVENT: International Fascination of Plants Day 2015

18 May 2015, Switzerland and globally


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Chemical signals involved in plant-insect interactions

Chemical Ecology

Plants under attack by herbivores initiate the production and release of volatiles that are attractive to the natural en...

Human-forest interface in subtropical and tropical regions – Forest management and development group (ForDev)

Biodiversity Conservation – Natural Resources Management

Forest fragmentation and degradation, pollution, the unsustainable use of natural resources and the spread of invasive s...

Organization of plant populations and communities

Experimental Plant Ecology

Biodiversity – the variety of individuals, populations, species, and ecosystems and the natural processes occurring in...

Plant conservation genetics and applied molecular ecology

Conservation Genetics and Applied Molecular Ecology

Humans continue to modify landscapes at an alarming rate. Major consequences of this are the fragmentation of habitats i...

Regulation of plant receptor kinases in pattern triggered immunity

Plant Immunity

Plant immunity relies on the recognition of surrounding microbes and the induction of robust defense responses to preven...

Remote sensing of the plant pigment system

Vegetation-light Interactions, Biodiversity Measurement from Space

The varying radiation regime has an impact on plant growth. We use physically based models of soil-vegetation-atmosphere...

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DivSeek Initiative DivSeek is a global intiative aiming at faciliatiing the linkages between genomics, phenomics and publicly available accessions....


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