EVENT: Resilience of Tropical Ecosystems - Future challenges and opportunities, gtö Conference

7-10 April 2015, Zürich


EVENT: International Fascination of Plants Day 2015

18 May 2015, Switzerland and globally


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Functional diversity of mycorrhizal symbiosis

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

In mycorrhizal symbiosis, plant roots interact with friendly fungi and form a mixed organ called mycorrhiza where nutrie...

Plant pathology

Plant Pathology

Cesare Gessler has been active in plant pathology at ETH for 35 years. During 2003-2008 he also led a research centre in...

Plant-plant interactions

Plant Community Ecology

Our research focuses on the mechanisms of plant interactions and on their consequences for biodiversity, with emphasis o...

Responses of plants and ecosystems to global environmental change

Physiological Plant Ecology

Plants are fundamental components of the earth system. Their ability to assimilate atmospheric CO2 and to tra...

Structure – function analysis of cutin and the cuticle in Arabidopsis


One of the important steps in the evolution of land plants is the formation of a primary barrier at the surface of aeria...

Understanding the dynamic of biological landscapes

Spatial Ecology

Global change including land use and climate changes are impacting ecosystems. Our studies seek to understand and foreca...

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Mountains as Sentinels of Change – Belmont call for research proposals The Belmont Forum is an association of the world’s major and emerging funders of global environmental change research and...


Mise en ligne des associations végétales helvétiques – PhytoSuisse Une première tranche du référentiel PhytoSuisse répertoriant l’ensemble des associations végétales helvétiques est en...

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12.04.2015 to 17.04.2015

2015 EGU General Assembly – European Geoscience Union

26.04.2015 to 01.05.2015

2015 BGCI International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens

26.04.2015 11:00 to 17:00