EVENT: Das Recht auf Nahrung, grüne Gentechnik und Saatgutschutz

31 Mai 2016, Universität Zürich, Hauptgebäude



18–26 Juin 2016, Jardins botaniques Suisses / Botanische Gärten Schweiz


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Plant genetic networks – from databases to computational modeling

Functional Genomics

Using a systems biology approach, we are modeling biochemical pathways and regulatory processes that affect plant functi...

Plant metabolic pathways and phosphate homeostasis

Plant Molecular Biology-Metabolic Pathways

There are presently three main axes of research within our laboratory. 

1. Metabolic pathways in the peroxisom...

Plant nutrient dynamics and ecophysiology

Whole Plant Physiology

Nutrients and pollutants are taken up from the soil into the roots and distributed via the transpiration stream in the x...

Plant population dynamics

Plant Ecology

Understanding plant population dynamics is important in ecology and conservation biology including basic (coexistence vs...

Plant-plant interactions

Plant Community Ecology

Our research focuses on the mechanisms of plant interactions and on their consequences for biodiversity, with emphasis o...

Understanding the dynamic of biological landscapes

Spatial Ecology

Global change including land use and climate changes are impacting ecosystems. Our studies seek to understand and foreca...

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Crowfunding pour l’Atlas de la flore du canton de Vaud Le Cercle vaudois de botanique a commencé il y a deux ans un projet d’Atlas de la flore du canton de Vaud. Un projet important...


My-iCros – Das Aufsteck-Mikroskop für Smartphones my-iCros ist ein kleines, preisgünstiges Aufsteck - Mikroskop für Smartphones. Es ermöglicht Foto- oder Filmaufnahmen...