Research Groups Alphabethically

Adaptation and diversification of succulent plants
An integrative phylogenetic approach to elucidate the evolution of plant diversity
Biocommunication & ecology
Biogeochemistry and biodiversity of agro- and forest ecosystems
Broad-spectrum resistance against fungal diseases in cereals
Cassava biotechnology research
Cereal biotechnology research for crop improvement
Chemical and evolutionary ecology of plant - insect interactions
Chemical signals involved in plant-insect interactions
Chlorophyll breakdown
Chloroplast biogenesis and light acclimation
Chloroplast signaling
Chromatin and transcriptome dynamics during sexual plant reproduction
Consequences of environmental change on plant communities and plant-soil interactions
Costs and benefits of phytochemical diversity in coevolved systems
Crop breeding and genomics
Cytokinin's role in embryonic root stem-cell formation
Developmental cell biology of plants
Discovering how chloroplasts are made
Dynamics of neotropical plant diversification
Ecological and developmental genetics
Ecology and evolution in invasive plants
Ecology and evolution of plant sexual systems
Ecosystem and vegetation responses to climatic change, disturbance and land use
Ecosystem function and biodiversity under global change
Elucidating and promoting sustainable agriculture across the world
Environmental sciences
Evolutionary biology of plant pathogens
Evolutionary ecology of above-belowground plant-animal interaction
Evolutionary genetics and reproductive isolation in wild tomatoes
Evolutionary genomics and ecology of macro- and microevolutionary transitions
Evolutionary genomics of plant adaptation and speciation
Evolutionary genomics of plant-pathogen interactions
Experimental fungal community assembly
Experimental plant ecology
Forage crop genetics
Functional interactomics of auxin transport
Genetic and epigenetic control of plant reproduction
Genetic basis of local adaptation
Genetics and diversity of rhizobia-legume symbioses
Genetics and evolution of the mycorrhizal symbiosis
Global change ecology
Grass endophytes
Greenhouse gas fluxes in forests and agroecosystems
How genomic changes promote adaptation and speciation in Arabidopsis relatives and in tropical trees
Human-forest interface in subtropical and tropical regions – Forest management and development group (ForDev)
Identifying the genes important in plant ecology and evolution
Improve nutrient-use efficiency in agro-ecosystems
Induced resistance and priming against biotic and abiotic stress
Interactions of bacteria with plants
Limits to the adaptive evolution process
Macromolecular trafficking and intercellular communication in plants
Methylome dynamics during Arabidopsis reproduction
Microbial functions in soil nutrient dynamics
Molecular aspects of pathogenesis in plants
Molecular aspects of symbiosis and pathogenesis in plants
Molecular genetic control of seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana
Molecular mechanisms of light-regulated growth and development in plants
Molecular plant-microbe interactions
Networks of species interactions and biodiversity
Organization of plant populations and communities
Oxygen isotope in phosphate, a new approach to study the soil/plant system
Perception of stress and the mechanisms of molecular chaperones
Phloem development and function
Phosphorus and nitrogen (re-)cycling in agro-ecosystems
Phyllosphere microbiome
Plant adaptation and genetic connectivity in the face of climate change
Plant cell and molecular biology
Plant cell differentiation - Which role for phosphoinositides?
Plant cell wall dynamics in plant growth and stress response
Plant conservation genetics and applied molecular ecology
Plant defenses against insects
Plant developmental biology
Plant ecological genomics
Plant ecology
Plant energy metabolism and redox homeostasis
Plant genetic networks – from databases to computational modeling
Plant growth and phenotyping
Plant life in alpine habitats
Plant metabolic pathways and phosphate homeostasis
Plant molecular biology
Plant pathology
Plant pathology
Plant population dynamics
Plant primary metabolism - From basic research to crop productivity
Plant signaling mechanisms
Plant systematic and biodiversity laboratory
Plant systematics and taxonomy
Plant-animal interactions and ecosystem function
Plant-plant interactions
Plants and animals in a rapidly changing environment
Plants and society
Polyploidization and stress response in plants
Population genetics and evolutionary biology of plant pathogenic fungi
Primary carbohydrate metabolism and protein complexes
Radiation of the Cape flora
Regulation of growth, nutrition, and symbiosis in plants
Regulatory factors controlling cell wall formation
Remote sensing of the plant pigment system
Responses of plants and ecosystems to global environmental change
RNA Biology
Secondary metabolites in plant-herbivore interactions
Silencing and innate immunity in plant defense against viruses
Spatial ecology and remote sensing
Spatial modelling of plants species distribution
Structural plant biology
Structure – function analysis of cutin and the cuticle in Arabidopsis
Symbiosis and soil biodiversity as a driver of plant growth and ecosystem functioning
Systematic mycology
The cereal genomes: hidden treasures for evolutionary genomics and agronomy
The molecular basis of plant growth & development
The molecular basis of pollinator-mediated reproductive isolation and speciation
The role of ABC and vacuole transporters in plants
The role of carbon metabolism in drought stress tolerance
Transport of organic nitrogen in plants and parasitic protozoa
Tree carbon relations
Tree ecology
Tropical plant biodiversity and biogeography
Understanding plant population, community, and invasion dynamics
Understanding plant speciation and diversification patterns
Understanding spatial accommodating responses during plant development
Understanding the dynamic of biological landscapes
Understanding the genetic basis of ecological and evolutionary processes
UV-B perception and signalling in plants
Vitamin metabolism and its relations to environmental stress
Volatile organic compounds-mediated plant-microbe communication
Volatile-mediated impact of bacteria on plants