PhD Programs within the SPSW

The Swiss Plant Science Web offers access to several PhD programs. Each program is unique in its offer of training activities. From the molecular networks to ecosystem approaches: the methods you can learn in the PhD programs are as manifold as the research that plant scientists carry out.

One of the major objectives of the Swiss Plant Science Web is to enhance the knowledge exchange between universities and to facilitate the mobility of the PhD students. PhD students within the SPSW network (Universities of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Fribourg, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Zurich and ETH Zurich) have the possibility to attend courses in any of the other PhD programs within the SPSW. All offered courses and obtained ECTS will be fully accredited by the other SPSW PhD programs.

In each of the PhD programs you will need to obtain either 12 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) or 12 CP (Credit Points). 1 ECTS or CP is equivalent to 25 – 30 learning hours. Normally, you will need to gain in minimum half of the ECTS/CP in the PhD program that you are registered to while you can obtain the other half of ECTS/CP in courses of the entire SPSW network.

As SPSW PhD student you are welcome to freely enroll to one of the structured PhD programs that your home institution offers.

PhD Programs with Focus on Plant Sciences

Regional Network

PSC PhD Program in Plant Sciences


PSC PhD Program in Science and Policy


Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Organismal Biology

BeNeFri & ALPS

CUSO PhD Program in Molecular Plant Sciences


Multidisciplinary PhD Programs with Specific Courses in Plant Sciences


Regional Network

Interdisciplinary PhD Program Systems Biology


PhD Program in Ecology


PhD Program in Evolutionary Biology


Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution


International PhD Program in Basic and Applied Molecular Life Sciences


Overview of PhD Programs

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