Understanding Risks and Resilience in Plant Systems, PSC summer school 2017

29.05.2017 to 02.06.2017

Einsiedeln, Switzerland

With humankind exceeding the planetary boundaries and the safe operating space, systemic risks have become frequent: our climate system is approaching a new state; biodiversity losses are endangering ecosystem services; pests are globally spreading and are threatening our food security.

Complex systems are characterized by inter-connections between species, agents, individuals and multiple stable states, whereas regime shifts can be triggered after periods of stability towards non-linear behavior, i.e. path dependence, sustained oscillation, contagion and synchrony. Systemic risks arise from the potential for unpredictable changes of the system to another state. While we cannot predict the tipping points, we can stabilize the system in the current state through increasing or restoring resilience and diversity.

We will discuss modeling of variable to be considered in complex systems and their threshold effects as well as some interaction at the socio-ecological interface, the so-called complex adaptive systems. The range of topics spans from plant sciences to economy with a focus on modeling from the mathematical background to complex ecological models. Research and case studies are taken from climate change, ecosystem research, epidemiology, agriculture and economics with strong links to plant sciences.


Registration deadline
15 March 2017

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