EVENT: Botanica Sudalpina Conference 2017

18 November 2017, Lugano, Switzerland


EVENT: IsoCycles 2017

15-20 Oct 2017, Monte Verita, Ticino, Switzerland


Recherche actuelle dans le SPSW

Chemical and evolutionary ecology of plant - insect interactions

Systematic Botany

Plants interact with a vast array of insects in antagonistic and mutualistic associations. Among the various channels th...

Ecology and evolution of plant sexual systems

Ecology and Evolution of Plant Sexual Systems


Genetics and evolution of the mycorrhizal symbiosis

Molecular Genetics and Evolution

Our work focuses on the mycorrhizal symbiosis between plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi. The symbiosis occurs...

Plant-insect interactions: pollination and reproductive biology

Plant reproductive Biology


Symbiosis and soil biodiversity as a driver of plant growth and ecosystem functioning

Plant Soil Interactions

Soils are highly diverse. A hand full of soil contains billions of bacteria and tens of thousands taxa of bacteria, fung...

Tree ecology

Tropical Rain Forest Ecology

The focus of our group is on fundamental research into tropical rain forests, their structure, dynamics and functioning,...

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Laure Weisskopf – New SPSW member The Swiss Plant Science Web welcomes its new member Associate Professor Dr. Laure Weisskopf. Visit her personal SPSW research...


Bundesrat beschliesst den Aktionsplan zur Erhaltung und Förderung der Biodiversität Der Bundesrat hat an seiner Sitzung vom 6. September 2017 den Aktionsplan zur Strategie Biodiversität Schweiz verabschiedet. Er...

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27.09.2017 à 29.09.2017

Xylem International Meeting

29.09.2017 à 03.10.2017

Long-term Research in Mountain Areas

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