EVENT: International Fascination of Plants Day 2017

18 May 2017, global


EVENT: 6th Global Botanic Gardens Congress

26–30 Jun 2017, Geneva


Recherche actuelle dans le SPSW

Chemical signals involved in plant-insect interactions

Chemical Ecology

Plants under attack by herbivores initiate the production and release of volatiles that are attractive to the natural en...

Elucidating and promoting sustainable agriculture across the world

Sustainable Agroecosystems

In order to understand sustainable agriculture and implement it, we need to elucidate the feedbacks between ecosystem ma...

Environmental sciences

Environmental Sciences

My research is at the interface between plant biology and ecotoxicogenomics. I explore plant’s response from genes thr...

Evolutionary biology of plant pathogens

Plant Pathology

Research in the Plant Pathology group centers around population genetics and phylogeography of the fungal pathogens M...

Identifying the genes important in plant ecology and evolution

Plant Ecology, Evolution, and Genetics

Our work focuses on the ecology and evolution of plants. We are especially interested in finding the genes that are impo...

Plant cell and molecular biology

Plant Cell and Molecular Biology


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Fascination of Plants Day 2017 Today the 4th international Fascination of Plants Day on 18 May is happening around the world in 52 countries. Over 710...


Michael Schaepman neuer Prorektor der Universität Zürich Professor Michael Schaepman wurde vom Universitätsrat der Universität Zürich zum Prorektor Veterinärmedizin-Naturwissenschaften...

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29.05.2017 à 02.06.2017

Understanding Risks and Resilience in Plant Systems, PSC summer school 2017

11.06.2017 13:00 à 18:00


12.06.2017 à 30.06.2017

Summer School: Integrated Land Use Systems (ILUS)

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