EVENT: Botanica Sudalpina Conference 2017

18 November 2017, Lugano, Switzerland


EVENT: IsoCycles 2017

15-20 Oct 2017, Monte Verita, Ticino, Switzerland


Recherche actuelle dans le SPSW

Chemical signals involved in plant-insect interactions

Chemical Ecology

Plants under attack by herbivores initiate the production and release of volatiles that are attractive to the natural en...

Human-forest interface in subtropical and tropical regions – Forest management and development group (ForDev)

Biodiversity Conservation – Natural Resources Management

Forest fragmentation and degradation, pollution, the unsustainable use of natural resources and the spread of invasive s...

Molecular mechanisms of light-regulated growth and development in plants

Plant Photoreceptor-Mediated Signal Transduction

Both genetic and environmental factors influence growth and development of any living organism. Plant development is ver...

Polyploidization and stress response in plants

Evolutionary Genomics

Polyploidization is a frequently observed phenomenon in plant species. It has played an important role as a driving forc...

Structural plant biology

Structural Biology & Cell Biology & Genetics

Plants are nature’s other successful experiment with multicellular life. We are interested in signaling and metabolic ...

Understanding plant speciation and diversification patterns

Biodiversity and Evolution

I am interested in understanding speciation and diversification patterns of plants, questioning the role of adaptation i...

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Eine optimierte Ernährung schont die Umwelt Wer weniger Nahrungsmittel wegwirft und seine Ernährung optimiert, schont die Umwelt. Eine Studie der Forschungsanstalt...


Pflanzenvielfalt von Wäldern aus der Luft abbilden Produktivität und Stabilität von Waldökosystemen hängen stark von der funktionalen Vielfalt der Pflanzengemeinschaften ab....

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