EVENT: Botanica Sudalpina Conference 2017

18 November 2017, Lugano, Switzerland


EVENT: IsoCycles 2017

15-20 Oct 2017, Monte Verita, Ticino, Switzerland


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Ecological and developmental genetics

Ecological and Developmental Genetics

The study of genetic variation in ecologically relevant plant traits can lead to an understanding of evolutionary proces...

Experimental plant ecology

Plant Ecology

Two of the most pressing challenges facing ecologists are forecasting the spread of non-native species and predicting th...

Plant metabolic pathways and phosphate homeostasis

Plant Molecular Biology-Metabolic Pathways

There are presently three main axes of research within our laboratory. 

1. Metabolic pathways in the peroxisom...

Responses of plants and ecosystems to global environmental change

Physiological Plant Ecology

Plants are fundamental components of the earth system. Their ability to assimilate atmospheric CO2 and to tra...

Systematic mycology

Systematic Mycology


The role of ABC and vacuole transporters in plants

Molecular Physiology

Using modern molecular, biochemical and electrophysiological approaches as well as classical physiology our laboratory a...

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Eine optimierte Ernährung schont die Umwelt Wer weniger Nahrungsmittel wegwirft und seine Ernährung optimiert, schont die Umwelt. Eine Studie der Forschungsanstalt...


Pflanzenvielfalt von Wäldern aus der Luft abbilden Produktivität und Stabilität von Waldökosystemen hängen stark von der funktionalen Vielfalt der Pflanzengemeinschaften ab....

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