EVENT: Botanica Sudalpina Conference 2017

18 November 2017, Lugano, Switzerland


EVENT: IsoCycles 2017

15-20 Oct 2017, Monte Verita, Ticino, Switzerland


Current Research Topics in the SPSW

Chlorophyll breakdown

Chloroplast Metabolism

Chlorophyll breakdown is the most obvious sign of leaf senescence, but occurs also during fruit ripening and as response...

Evolutionary genetics and reproductive isolation in wild tomatoes

Plant Evolutionary Genetics

My long-term research encompasses large-scale sequencing studies to address questions in molecular evolution, demographi...

Interactions of bacteria with plants


Many bacteria produce small diffusible signal molecules to co-ordinate expression of particular phenotypic traits, a phe...

Networks of species interactions and biodiversity

Community Ecology

We combine mathematical models, simulations, and data set analyses to address fundamental and applied questions in ecolo...

Plant energy metabolism and redox homeostasis

Plant Biochemistry

A key aspect of our research is plant energy metabolism, particularly in dark and non-green plastids. In chloroplasts du...

Plant-animal interactions and ecosystem function

Ecology of Plant Reproduction

The ecology of plant reproductive processes underlies the composition and dynamics of ecosystems and is essential for th...

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Laure Weisskopf – New SPSW member The Swiss Plant Science Web welcomes its new member Associate Professor Dr. Laure Weisskopf. Visit her personal SPSW research...


Bundesrat beschliesst den Aktionsplan zur Erhaltung und Förderung der Biodiversität Der Bundesrat hat an seiner Sitzung vom 6. September 2017 den Aktionsplan zur Strategie Biodiversität Schweiz verabschiedet. Er...

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27.09.2017 to 29.09.2017

Xylem International Meeting

29.09.2017 to 03.10.2017

Long-term Research in Mountain Areas

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