SNSF launches call for National Centres of Competence in Research NCCR

The SNSF launches the call for a 5th series of National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs). The submission deadline for outline proposals is 1 February 2018, with research expected to start in early 2020.​The Swiss... [mehr]


La SCNAT lance un «Evidence Review Group» sur l’agrotechnique génétique

L'Académie des sciences naturelles (SCNAT) a lancé l’«Evidence Review Group» sur le thème «Risques et bénéfices de la technologie génétique dans le contexte agricole suisse». Les expert-e-s vont rassembler dans les mois à venir... [mehr]


Christian Parisod – New SPSW member

The Swiss Plant Science Web congratulates Christian Parisod for his new position as Assistant Professor for plant sciences at the Institute of Plant Sciences of the University of Bern. Visit his updated personal SPSW research... [mehr]


Pauline Jullien – New SPSW member

The Swiss Plant Science Web welcomes its new member SNSF Professor Pauline Jullien. Visit her personal SPSW research portfolio Methylome dynamics during Arabidopsis reproduction. Pauline Jullien is head of the research group on... [mehr]


Banning palm oil blocks good practices

Palm oil is not equal to palm oil: Since plantations differ massively in environmental and social criteria, a general ban of palm oil in biofuels, as recently discussed by the European Union, would punish the wrong producers... [mehr]


Biology18 - call for papers and registrations

Call for papers and registration for Biology18 opened. Biology18 is the annual Swiss conference on ecology, evolution, systematic and conservation. It focuses on early career scientists presentations (PhD,... [mehr]


«One Health»: Vom Boden über Pflanzen und Wiederkäuer bis zum Menschen

Im Januar 2018 startet an der Universität Bern die neue, interfakultäre Foschungskooperation «One Health». Sie befasst sich mit dem immer bedeutender werdenden Forschungsgebiet, das die Zusammenhänge zwischen der Gesundheit von... [mehr]

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