University Departement Titel Position Joining date
University of Zurich Department of Plant and Microbial Biology Plant Molecular Genetics Post-doctoral position 01.07.2017
University of Basel Department of Environmental Sciences Isotope Biogeochemistry Other 01.11.2017
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) Department of Ecology, Uppsala, Sweden Conservation Biology Professorship
University of Basel Department of Environmental Sciences - Sustainable Land Use Group Stable Isotope Physiology PhD position 01.12.2017
University of Bern Institute of Plant Sciences Arabidopsis epigenetic and reproduction PhD position 01.10.2017
University of Zurich Dept of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany Sex chromosome evolution in liverworts PhD position 30.11.2017
University of Reading School of the Built Environment Thermal performance of urban trees Post-doctoral position