Institut de Biologie Moléculaire des Plantes (IBMP)
Dr Marie-Edith Chabouté

Mechanosensing at the nuclear envelope of Arabidopsis

PhD position

We are offering a 3 year PhD opportunity at IBMP (; Strasbourg) in the context of the IDEX International doctoral programme allocated to Dr. Marie-Edith Chabouté: “Characterization of the nuclear envelope (NE) mechano-transduction in Arabidopsis: from supracellular stress to chromatin remodelling”.

The University of Strasbourg ( and IBMP display an outstanding scientific environment and support original high-quality research in different scientific fields.

Project Summary

The candidate will study a new form of tissue coordination involving the transduction of supracellular mechanical signals to the nucleus of Arabidopsis meristematic cells. Using cellular biology, 3D image analyses and micromechanics approaches, the student will analyze how deformation of the nuclear envelope by tissue growth transmits mechanical signals to chromatin and involves NE proteins and cytoskeleton.

The student will be under the co-supervision of Marie-Edith Chabouté (IBMP, Strasbourg) and Olivier Hamant (RDP-ENS, Lyon). Most of the work will be performed at IBMP (proteomics, transcriptomics and cellular approaches). Specific micromechanical approaches will be performed at ENS Lyon with O. Hamant.

Project Description
It aims to characterize the mechanosensing at the nuclear envelope and test the involvement of NE proteins and cytoskeleton in this process.

First, the candidate will characterize nuclear deformation in response to mechanical experimental stresses: (i) measurement of nuclear rigidity by atomic force microscopy in collaboration with O. Hamant (ii) analysis by 3D confocal microscopy. In a second step, he/she will study the coupling between nuclear envelope deformation, chromatin reorganization and gene expression (cellular and transcriptomic approaches). Finally, he/she will analyze the genetic interactions between genes involved in both cytoskeleton and chromatin regulation, such as GIPs as well as other genes involved in nuclear shaping and in the touch/wind response. This work will allow him/her to get an integrated view of the NE signalling in response to mechanical stress in plants.

Eligibility of the candidate: The candidate must have a high level master's degree, either from institution outside France or, have completed a full degree program abroad and have integrated a master's degree from the University of Strasbourg. Upon selection by the supervisor, the candidate will be interviewed in July 2017 by an admission jury.

Profile of the candidate: The candidate needs to have general knowledge in cell biology, developmental biology, plant biology. In practical terms, he (she) should be able to manage and grow plants in greenhouses and in vitro, use as well molecular biology standard methods (genotyping, expression cloning) and have skills in microscopy (confocal and wide field, live cell imaging, immuno-localization and FISH).

We wish to recruit an applicant who has an interest in interdisciplinary approaches, particularly in cell biology and biophysics.

English (written and spoken) is essential.

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