Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Department of Ecology, Uppsala, Sweden
Anna Lundhagen, Head of department
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Conservation Biology


A position as a faculty professor in conservation biology with a special focus
on forest environments is open at SLU, Department of Ecology, Uppsala, Sweden.

The Department is situated in the attractive Ecology Centre where
we perform internationally renowned research, environmental monitoring and assessment, and education for the sustainable use of natural resources based
on basic ecological knowledge.

Research at the Ecology Centre is directly linked to forestry, agriculture and conservation as well as broader questions related to climate and land-use changes. We work at the forefront of research within applied and basic ecology and have a strong conservation biology section. Candidates are expected to offer leadership that would strengthen and develop research on conservation biology together with researchers and teachers from the department, faculty and other parts of the university. The department has eight faculty professors and about 100 researchers and teachers.

Subject area
The professorship in conservation biology will have a special focus on forest environments. The subject area includes 1) populations, species communities and ecosystem dynamics and functions in protected and managed forest landscapes, 2) conservation and management of biodiversity and ecosystem services in forest landscapes, 3) optimization of forest management, conservation strategies, ecosystem services and functions in a landscape and climate change perspective. Elements of cross-disciplinary research are also encouraged.

The tasks of the professor are to develop and lead a prominent research group with the ability to attract external funding, to maintain and develop national and international networks, and perform teaching and supervision within the subject area. The professor will work on these tasks with researchers and teachers from the department, faculty and other parts of the university. In addition, the position requires active extension work with external interested parties and the public. Currently the faculty professor receives financial support to develop the subject area.

To be qualified for appointment as a Professor, a person should demonstrate both academic and teaching skills. Applicants must be scientifically proficient and internationally recognized in the subject area of the position, hold a PhD degree as well as an Associate Professorship or equivalent. The applicant is an active and successful scientist in the subject area with the ability to obtain external funding and is an experienced research group leader. The successful candidate shall have proven expertise in several of the research fields comprising the subject area. Applicants must be skilled in teaching and have the ability to integrate teaching and research.

You are welcome to submit your application marked SLU ua 2006/2017. Enclose your CV and any other supporting documents. Send your application to the Registrar, SLU, Box 7070, SE-750 07 Uppsala or to

SLU is an equal opportunity employer.

A guide for applicants "Appointment procedures for SLU" and a "Memorandum for Guidance in connection with applications for appointment/promotion to professor and senior lecturer at SLU" can be found at Documentation of scientific, pedagogical and other qualifications must be presented in accordance with the instructions given in these documents.

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