Escaping the hamster wheel

Technology opens the doors to new worlds. Yet it’s both a blessing and a curse, and as scientists, we should take care not to drive the wheel of development on faster than we need to. Summer might be the ideal time for a... [more]


Obstacle course for caterpillars

Spines and thorns keep hungry mammals at bay – or at least, that's the conventional wisdom. However, ETH researchers have now shown that spiky growths on plants make life difficult for caterpillars too. This finding could be... [more]


Concurrent hot and dry summers more common in future

In the past, climate scientists have tended to underestimate the risk of a co-occurrence of heatwave and drought. This is the conclusion of one of the first studies to examine compound climate extremes. SourceETH News, 30 June... [more]


Niko Geldner among EMBO's new members 2017

EMBO announced that 65 outstanding life scientists have been elected to its membership, joining a group of more than 1700 of the best researchers in Europe and around the world. Among them is the Swiss Plant Science Web member... [more]


Septoriose du blé: découverte majeure sur cette maladie ravageuse

Le mécanisme génétique expliquant la spectaculaire propagation de la septoriose du blé vient d’être mis en évidence par une équipe de recherche suisse. Cette maladie figure parmi les principales causes des pertes économiques de... [more]


Der Klimawandel beeinflusst die Milchproduktion im Jura

In der Schweiz sind die Temperaturen in den letzten 150 Jahren um rund 1,7 °C gestiegen, und die Vegetationsperiode dauert tendenziell länger. In der Rinderhaltung hat die Trockenheit alarmierende Folgen für die... [more]


The mechanisms of coexistence in networks of more than two competitors

In this review article the authors highlight findings from the study of trophic and mutualistic networks that help to show how diverse competitive networks operate. Armed with advances in data-driven modelling and network... [more]

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