Polygenic Adaptation and Genomic Data, Summer School and Symposium


This is to announce a Summer School followed by a two-day research Symposium

  • Summer School on "Integrated Methods to Detect Polygenic Adaptation from Genomic Data"

August 28 - 30 2017 / WSL Birmensdorf
Credits: 1 ECTS
This Summer School will offer the opportunity to learn new approaches to analyze genomic data to detect the signature of selection on polygenic traits, such as integrating functional data from gene interaction networks, or use information about genetic co-variation among genomic polymorphisms. Training in computational modeling will also be offered to learn how to generate genetic data and test the accuracy of proposed methods to detect signals of selection.
Now open to PhD students of the LSZGS PhD programs (UZH and ETHZ).
Send an email until the March 31 2017 with CV + short motivation letter (300 words max) to: polygenic.adaptation@ieu.uzh.ch
There are 20 free seats for PhD students of the LSZGS. Selected students will be informed about acceptance on April 7 and will be invited to apply via the on-line registration system.
Registration opens on April 7, costs are CHF 200 for postdocs and external students (non-LSZGS).
Program and Lecturers
Day 1: Modeling the polygenic architecture of quantitative traits and Analysis of signals of polygenic adaptation
Prof. Sam Yeaman (University of Calgary, Canada)
Dr. Jeremy Berg (Columbia University, USA)
Prof. Frederic Guillaume (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Day 2: The role of epistasis and gene interaction networks in adaptation
Prof. Thomas Hansen (University of Oslo, Norway)
Dr. Josh Payne (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Dr. Josephine Daub (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
Day 3: The principles of genome wide association mapping (GWAS) and phenotype prediction, post-GWAS and applications in plant-systems
Prof. Peter Visscher (University of Queensland, Australia)
Prof. John Mckay (Colorado State University, USA)
This Summer Scholl will be followed by a two-day Symposium:

  • Detecting the Genomic Signal of Polygenic Adaptation and the Role of Epistasis in Evolution

31 August & 1 September 2017 / ETH Zurich Main Campus
Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Nick Barton (IST Austria, Austria)
  • Dr. Jeremy Berg (Columbia University, USA)
  • Prof. Örjan Carlborg (Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • Dr. Josephine Daub (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Prof. Thomas Hansen (University of Oslo, Norway)
  • Prof . Joachim Hermisson (University of Vienna, Austria)
  • Prof. Sergey Kryazhimskiy (University of California San Diego, USA)
  • Prof. John Mckay (Colorado State University, USA)
  • Dr. Josh Payne (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Peter Visscher (Queensland, Australia)
  • Prof. Sam Yeaman (University of Calgary, Canada)

Abstract submission and registration
Abstract submission for oral or poster presentations is now open. Please register separately for this symposium, registration opens on April 7. More information and a link to registration and abstract submission can be found on http://www.evolution.uzh.ch/en/events/symposium.html

Graduate Campus of the University of Zurich
European network EVOLTREE
WSL Birmensdorf
URPP Evolution in Action (Symposium)
Adaptation to a Changing Environment - ETHZ (Symposium)
Organizing Committee
Dr. Katalin Csilléry (ETH Zurich & WSL Birmensdorf)
Dr. Frédéric Guillaume (University of Zurich – IEU)
Dr. Felix Gugerli (WSL Birmensdorf)
Dr. Christian Rellstab (WSL Birmensdorf)
Dr. Tony Weingril (University of Zurich – LSZGS Evolutionary Biology)
Dr. Debra Zuppinger-Dingley (University of Zurich – LSZGS Ecology)
Dr. Alex Widmer (ETH Zurich)

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